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Lash Sensitivities

How do you know when its allergies, sensitivities vs an improper lash application? So many clients have a bad lash experience and swear off extensions. This is sad bc sometimes they could have been “saved” if their lash tech had more knowledge. It can be due to the application process and not necessarily the extensions or adhesive. If the tech is not properly educated in their technique & adhesive a lot of problems can occur. If extensions are placed on or too close to the lid reactions will occur. Also the extensions will be highly uncomfortable. Extensions should feel natural and comfortable. Extensions are not as easy as everyone thinks. A lot of practice & time goes into applying proper extensions. So next time you look for a “quick” lash fix make sure and read reviews on your artist, check out their photos and make sure they do continuing education. If you want to learn to troubleshoot client sensitivities check out my course.

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