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Biggest Question, how do we price full sets & lash fills? All the lashes you see above are priced differently. Every lash set our artists do is custom work. We customize it by our clients lifestyle, eye shape, natural lashes & more. But when it comes to pricing so much goes into that as well and is different for every client. You must calculate your rent, tools, product, continuing education & more. For small business owners that can be adding in cleaning services, CPA, receptionists and all those small details. I advice most artists to calculate an hourly rate of what they need to make. Then base their fills and full sets off this rate. This gives you a way to “predict” your income & be able to pay bills. Most artists have a difficult time maintaining stability. You must maintain a stable income or your business will not be able to keep the doors open. So many artists are “afraid” to charge but the reality is if you don’t charge appropriately you will go under. So whether you do a 1 hour fill or 3 hour full set you know your prices:). Have more questions? Ask me!

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